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Ruddy Ducks are chunky with large heads, broad bills, and long tails that are often cocked up. These ducks are common in southern Indiana during the Winter migration and further south. They nest in the dense vegetation of freshwater wetlands.

This Ruddy Duck is carved from basswood and painted with acrylic paint. The carving is based on the Knotts Island, North Carolina carver, Lee Dudley’s (1860-1942) work. His rare Ruddy Ducks have set a record at auction for a North Carolina decoy maker working in the 1920s. The simplicity of form and color make them a joy to create.

Ruddy DuckRuddy Duck Ruddy Duck Ruddy Duck Ruddy Duck Ruddy Duck

The weather finally turned, and I guess I asked for it. With the Winter Solstice also came our first snow storm. Fifty plus mile and hour winds with a dusting of snow. Thursday afternoon I made sure to fill up the bird feeders in anticipation of the weather changing. I knew the birds would be looking for the food, and I enjoy seeing the variety against the white backdrop.

Bird FeederChickadee Snow on the Lawn Mockingbird Start of the Storm Sunset

The Belted Kingfisher is the only Kingfisher in most of North America. They breed in the northern parts of the United States and Canada, live year round in Indiana and most states, and winter range in the southwest. The Kingfisher’s call is a loud, dry rattle and are common along rivers, brooks, streams, lakes, and ponds. They are most famous for hunting and eating fish, but sometimes eat other aquatic organisms, lizards, and insects.

I carved this Kingfisher more than two years ago and it was carved from pine with inserted nail eyes.

KingfisherKingfisher Kingfisher