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The week started off interesting enough. Sunday morning, the back porch was covered with earthworms. I don’t recall the last time that I saw that in January. The rain subsided and the temperatures dropped back down into the 20s throughout the week. There were also a few nights with amazing sunsets. As far as backyard birding went this week, it was minimal — I hadn’t filled up the feeders.

CardinalNest January 16th Sunset January 16th Sunset Downy Woodpecker Vines

Currently on the bench is a Common Merganser. Like the other mergansers, these fish-feeding ducks have serrated edges to their bills to help them grip their prey and are often known as “sawbills”. When not diving for food, they are usually seen swimming on the water surface, or resting on rocks. They are also often hidden among riverbank vegetation, or in the winter on the edge of floating ice.

The Merganser is being carved from pine and still has a long ways to go to give it a nice sleek look.

Common Merganser

Fifteen inches of snow have melted away with 60° temperatures and 4 inches of rain. Saturday was gorgeous until a vigorous, spring-like storm system plowed through Indiana in the evening hours into early Sunday morning. I did take quite a few images this week with the concept of capturing the warm evening glow of sunset. Let me know what you think.

Last Light Sunset Glowing Limbs House Sparrow Fall Colors Spring-like Storm from the South