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The Prothonotary Warbler is the only eastern warbler to nest in trees or other cavities and crannies. They usually select a low site along streams or sluggish water and casually migrate across the U.S. during Fall migration.

The past few months I’ve been thinking about the art projects that I want to take on this year. Projects that are new and completely different, and those that I want to continue to do. After searching through the various wooden boxes containing old carvings, I kept coming back to this pine Warbler. It was carved in the Summer of 2009 and is the third bird that I had ever carved. It has long been one of my favorites. I think what keeps drawing me to this bird was the process. There wasn’t any. No direction. No idea what it was going to end up being. I don’t carve this way now, but maybe I should from time to time. Just let it be and happen.

This morning’s sunrise had a nice warm glow with hard shadows, so I decided it was time to take this carving out of the box and capture it. What do you think? Please leave a comment, or send me an email through the contact form.

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