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The Mourning Dove is our most abundant and widespread dove and is found in a wide variety of habitats. Winters can be hard on Doves as they seem to have difficulty scratching through snow and ice to get to food. Doves are mostly seed eaters that feed on the ground.

This bird was carved from walnut and I used old nails for its eyes — and it took a while to finish. It sat on top of the refrigerator for months just waiting for its finishing touches (carving and paint).

Mourning DoveMourning Dove Mourning Dove

First week of Spring! We had some beautiful skies and weather this week. Low in the mid-teens, with highs nearly reaching 50°. The trees are starting to fill up with 100s of Grackles. And the Robins are pulling up worms from the lawn when not perched high up in the trees.

A snow storm is supposed to roll through the Midwest this weekend though. The forecast is calling for 6–10 inches of heavy, wet snow. Hopefully it won’t stunt the early growth already beginning in the ground.

American Robin Limbs Cardinal Pair Early Morning Sunrise House Sparrow Grackle