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The Finches have become more active at the feeder now that the food source has been established for a while. I remember installing the feeder and expecting instant results. It didn’t happen, but I kept at it. I’ve also noticed that the Chickadees have been arriving much later in the evening time. The temperatures topped off in the 60s this week with the occasional Spring storm. The color really is starting to show.

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I watched a pair of Robins build a nest this week on top of an electrical box. The nest is protected from wind, rain, hail, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it this Spring. It is composed of a mixture of mud, grass, and trash. With Robins, incubation is done solely by the female, which is typical of species in which the male is more colorful than the female. The drabness of the female is less conspicuous to nest predators. To ensure that all four to six eggs hatch together, the female Robin does not begin to incubate until her entire clutch has been laid. The eggs hatch after only two weeks of incubation.

This American Robin is carved from Basswood, painted with acrylics, and finished with various layers of stain.

American RobinAmerican RobinAmerican RobinAmerican RobinAmerican Robin