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Yesterday was the first day of Summer, and it was hot. The temperatures reached up into the lower 90s and the gardens were thirsty. I’m still fighting black spot on the rose bushes. If anyone has suggestions, leave me a comment.

Apparently this weekend there is supposed to be a super moon on Sunday night. For more information about this moon, click here. Hopefully the skies will be clear and I can get a few photos.


The Red-bellied Woodpecker is known as the “zebra-backed” woodpecker with a white rump. Its red crown extends down the nape of the neck and has a tan breast with a hard to see tinge of red on the belly. This bird is usually found in shady woodlands and excavates holes into rotten wood looking for its meal … mostly spiders, centipedes, and beetles. The main enemy of the Red-bellied Woodpecker is the Eastern Starling which oftentimes kicks it out of its own nest hole. These birds tend to return to the same tree every year and creates a new nest below that of the previous year. Acorns and berries are hammered into crevices of the tree for winter food.