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I didn’t look outside. I simply gathered things needed to take care of four dogs, a brood of hens, and a rooster … and maybe the chance of some fishing. While heading north, I realized storm clouds were racing south. The first sign of rain in over a month. As I pulled into the drive, huge raindrops covered the windshield. I thought, “Oh well, I’m sure it’ll let up enough to get a few casts in.”


Starting to hit a heat streak. Indiana has now reached an “abnormally dry” level on the drought scale. No rain at all, but still pleasant temperatures. The yard is starting to become brittle and yellow.

This Purple Finch feather was caught in one of the six bird feeders in the back yard. I noticed it flapping in the breeze and the sun was casting a golden glow. I knew if I didn’t take the picture in the next few minutes, the light would be gone.