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“When did it start getting dark this early?” Sarah asked. “I don’t know. The first day of Fall is September 22, so I guess it’s been creeping up on us for a while.” I replied — and continued to survey the 2002, Rand McNally road atlas since the iPhone GPS didn’t seem much help. I thought to myself, “dude … you should get out more, and update your damn atlas too … this thing is more than a decade old!”

As we neared Salt Fork State Park in Guernsey County, Ohio, we both noticed the pink crescent moon illuminating the sky. Upon entering the park, the moon did nothing to help us navigate the seven miles of winding road to the Lodge. The headlights didn’t help much either without the brights on.

The present impoundment at Salt Fork dates back to 1956 when planning for the lake began. The reservoir was originally slated to become a water source for the city of Cambridge, but the potential for the area to be a major recreation area in the state was too great. In 1960, land acquisition began to create a state park. The earthen dam was completed in 1967, and construction of recreational facilities began in 1968. The Salt Fork Lodge opened in May 1972. That is where we stayed. Room 382.

The following morning, I headed to the docks to board a 24-foot pontoon boat with my fishing pole, tackle, and one-day fishing license. The company was great, and conversation covered everything newly acquainted folks could … but the fish ended up being as illusive as the Sasquatch in the region.

It’s true. Sasquatch is a big deal in the area, and people have been talking about and trying to find the creature for ages. Upon further research after coming home, I came across a post on Josh Stevens’ blog where he mapped and graphed all 3,313 sightings that have been reported from 1921 to 2013 in the United States and Canada. Interesting stuff. Check it out.

And yes. I did purchase a new, 2014, Rand McNally road atlas. I now have roads of the future.

Salt Fork State Park