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Whiteland, IN, has had nearly 25 inches of snow this month. Records for the state go back to just after the Civil War. The snowiest month on record was January 1978, when 30.6 inches fell.

It’s been extremely cold as well. Severe winds reached up to 45mph with gusts reaching 60mph. The five coldest Januarys on record for the area:

  1. 10.2 degrees — 1977
  2. 14.6 degrees — 1918
  3. 16.7 degrees — 1940
  4. 17.2 degrees — 1912
  5. 17.9 degrees — 1970, 1979 and 1893

January 1977 was particularly notable because the Ohio River in southern Indiana froze over, according to the National Weather Service. The Indianapolis area averages 28.1 degrees during a normal January.

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The portrayal of rural Indiana group, The Patoka Valley Boys, a six-person string band comprising one of America’s finest old-time and bluegrass musical groups in 1981.

Please visit the website to view this amazing documentary. The documentary is roughly 30 minutes long.

A rural region in Indiana whose wooded hills stand in striking contrast to huge strip-mined pits, the Patoka Valley is more than home to the members of this old-time string band; it is both an inspiration for songs and a foundation of the values tethered to the past with which the men, separated in age over nearly three generations, face an uncertain future. Seen in private moments – hunting in a nearby wood, motorcycling through the autumn-draped countryside, enjoying a family picnic, and tending to domestic chores — as well as at coal mining jobs where they help destroy the land they love, the men individually comment on why they perform the old-fashioned tunes for guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and harmonica. — The American Library Association, Booklist