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I’ve tried for weeks to photograph this folk art rooster outside with no luck. It was always too sunny, or the color cast was too great to work with. The one thing that I had been noticing though, was the morning light hitting this carving while perched on the dining room table facing East. It’s always dramatic, but only for a short period of time. Maybe that is how I need to shoot this carving for a more detailed series of photographs and post (and with a camera, not a phone). I think it’s an interesting approach. What do you think?

Folk Art Rooster

Sonny Ford, Delta Artist | Black and White 16mm documentary film based on fieldwork Bill Ferris conducted with Leland, Mississippi, bluesman and folk artist James “Son” Thomas. Included is footage of Thomas performing at juke houses, his wife preparing dinner, and Thomas making skulls out of clay. The film was made before the advent of 16mm cameras that could take syncronized sound. is an amazing website and has two simple goals. The first is to build a national preserve of hard-to-find documentary films about American folk or roots cultures. The other is to give them renewed life by streaming them on the internet. The films were produced by independent filmmakers in a golden age that began in the 1960s and was made possible by the development first of portable cameras and then capacity for synch sound. Their films focus on the culture, struggles, and arts of unnoticed Americans from many different regions and communities. I encourage you to check out Sonny Ford, Delta Artist on the website and search around while you’re there.

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