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Lemuel T. Ward (1896-1984) and Stephen Ward (1895-1976) are world renowned as decoy makers. Working as a team over their long careers, the two brothers produced a wide variety of decoys in many different styles. Early on Lem and Steve made working decoys, however they gradually progressed into making more decorative renderings of birds. It is the lifelike detail and innovation that the Ward Brothers brought to decoy making that they are now so well regarded for. This short film showcases the lives, legacy, and artwork of the Ward Brothers.

Sandhill Cranes give a loud trumpeting call that can be heard long before you see them. Mated pairs of cranes engage in unison calling. The cranes stand close together, calling in a synchronized and complex duet. The female makes two calls for every one from the male.

Sandhill cranes’ large wingspans, ranging from 5 feet to 7 feet 6 in, make them very skilled soaring birds, similar in style to hawks and eagles. The Sandhill Cranes use thermals to obtain lift, and can stay aloft for many hours — requiring only occasional flapping of their wings and expending little energy. Migratory flocks contain hundreds of birds, and create clear outlines of the normally invisible rising columns of thermals that they ride. The cranes appear to be playing while on their migratory path with no reservations.

This folk art bird carving was carved from old cedar, painted with acrylic paints, and finished with various stains in the aging process.


I’ve been flipping through photos from the past two years. Most of them are of our son, but this image at his first baseball game made sense to post with Spring Training in session. It was taken on the 20th of April last year. He was less than a year-and-a-half. It was an Indianapolis Indians (Pirates) game versus the Louisville Bats (Reds). It’s one of the few times I root against the home team. We probably made it four or five innings before heading out. He was definitely too young to appreciate the game, but made friends with everyone there.

First Baseball Game