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I remember watching the Woodright’s Shop on PBS as a kid. This is Episode 1, Season 12, “Bentwood Boxes of the Northwest Coast”. I came across this gem again while searching for carving knives online. Kestrel Tools has created a variety of knives that are sharp on both sides. Very different from most that create a crooked knife. Normally it is either a left or right handed, push or pull type of thing. They also make a variety of adze that work well for hogging away large chucks of wood.

I may buy one piece at a time, or save up for their Carver’s Kit (4 knives and a gutter adze). Anyways, check them out if you get the chance.

IMG_1672 IMG_1673

Victor Colby was born in Frankfort, Indiana in 1917 and graduated from Frankfort High School in 1934. He attended the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, and graduated from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art in 1950.

Colby was a member of the art faculty at Cornell University teaching sculpting for 32 years until his retirement in 1982.

The Frankfort Library has a huge collection, most likely everything that still exists not in a collector’s home. Simply beautiful.

This is the story of Baltimore. The video follows his route from a beach in Maryland to an island in Canada.

I know a few years back, Snowy Owls where showing up in Indiana more frequently than normal, and interesting local birders. Folks were on the chase. The male Snowy Owl is barred with dark brown when they’re young and get whiter as they get older, much like myself. Females keep some dark markings throughout their lives.

Snowy Owls are very agile and can catch small birds on the fly. While on their breeding and wintering grounds, the diet can range widely. You name it … lemmings, rabbits, squirrels, wading birds, seabirds, ducks, and even geese. I have not seen Baltimore … yet. Have you?