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Alright, so … there is no such thing. I have found that a majority of the photos that I take simply don’t turn out as expected, or at all, due to focus or color issues. I still think that many of the shots are interesting and have artistic merit. The images capture the idea or scene at its basic level. Simple shapes and color. Each month when I post Indiana nature photos, I try to develop a theme or style that works across the series and weed out images that don’t fit. The image below is in that category this month. I truly wish I had captured this Red-bellied Woodpecker in focus, however the subject is still distinguishable, even in it’s abstract appropriation.

Some of my favorite images have ended up in this category, and I guess it makes sense with the way I carve folk art birds and paint. No folk art piece is measured, anatomically accurate, or painted to look realistic. Recognizable and old-timey feeling, but that’s it. And that works for me.