The Folk Art of Greg Goul — Carvings, Inspiration, Nature, and Sketches.

This is the first folk art bird carving that I did of a Merganser duck years ago. At first, I was really impressed with it, but eventually felt that I didn’t take the carving far enough. I decided to leave it outside to see how the acrylic paint would react to the environment … rain, hail, snow, sun, and extreme colds. The paint has faded a bit, but not as much as expected. The pine wood has cracked around the eyes (and the carving has lost its red eyes), and the body has cracked from the dowel rod connecting the head and body. I didn’t finish the carving to fight against the elements. Right now it’s buried underneath at a foot of snow. Most likely when I move from this house, it will be buried in the vegetable garden.

Folk Art Merganser


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