The Folk Art of Greg Goul — Carvings, Inspiration, Nature, and Sketches.

This is the story of Baltimore. The video follows his route from a beach in Maryland to an island in Canada.

I know a few years back, Snowy Owls where showing up in Indiana more frequently than normal, and interesting local birders. Folks were on the chase. The male Snowy Owl is barred with dark brown when they’re young and get whiter as they get older, much like myself. Females keep some dark markings throughout their lives.

Snowy Owls are very agile and can catch small birds on the fly. While on their breeding and wintering grounds, the diet can range widely. You name it … lemmings, rabbits, squirrels, wading birds, seabirds, ducks, and even geese. I have not seen Baltimore … yet. Have you?

Here’s another great video by Lang Elliott celebrating the Bobolink. The Bobolink is quickly becoming one of my favorite birds, with its striking black and white reversed tuxedo appearance. No other North American bird has a white back and black underparts. Bobolinks are found in tall grasslands, uncut pastures, overgrown fields and meadows.

On his blog, A Birder’s Notebook, Les Houser wrote about the Bobolink’s loss of habitat and the disappearance of a once plentiful species due to suburban sprawl and the development of outdoor sports complexes. Give it a read.