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While rummaging through a wooden box containing old carvings, I came across this Gray Catbird. It’s actually the first bird that I had ever carved and holds up considering. This bird was mostly carved during a session with Geoff Davis of 50 Little Birds in July of 2009. So, I guess you could say this is the bird that started it all. I remember that Summer and the following Seasons creating and carving birds constantly. I’ve slowed down quite a bit since then, but always looking for a chance to create.

The Chippewa Indians named this secretive bird ,”Bird That Cries With Grief”, due to its raspy call that often sounds like a mewing house cat. The Catbird also mimics other birds, but rarely repeats the same phrases. They are also very protective of their nests found in thick shrubs. Catbirds destroy eggs introduced to the nest by other birds.

This bird was carved from pine, painted with acrylics, and finished with various layers of varnish. What do you think of my first folk art bird carving?

Gray Catbird Gray Catbird Gray Catbird Gray Catbird Gray Catbird

It’s a sign of Spring when the Red-winged Blackbirds return to the marshes. The males commonly return before the females to defend their territories and can be seen on top of cattails repeatedly calling. All the while showing off their red and yellow wing bars. They usually nest in thick stands of cattails over shallow water. Red-winged Blackbirds feed mostly on seeds in the Spring and Fall and switch to insects during the Summer months.

This bird is carved from pine, painted in acrylics, and finished with layers of stains and varnishes. The underlying navy paint coat is hardly visible to the eye, but the afternoon sunlight really made the subtle paint layers more apparent.

Red-winged BlackbirdRed-winged BlackbirdRed-winged BlackbirdRed-winged BlackbirdRed-winged Blackbird