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I’ve been thinking for a while now about adding sketches to the blog. However, I haven’t figured out how to best present them. Do I scan them? Photograph them? If so, do I photograph them inside or outside? Do I make them always consistent, or play with it? Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will have a resolution.

Oh … and then there is the permanently 2-year-old kitten-monster, Dee Dee. She’s always biting my pencils, pens, and brushes while in use — the artist instruments not in use are constantly being swatted off the dining room table, all-the-while purring and brushing against me. Dee Dee only takes a break to sip from the watercolor jar. Colored water tastes better, I guess. And when she feels the sketch/painting is done, she’ll plop down on my journal to start the drying phase. Dee Dee sure makes the process more challenging, but her enthusiasm definitely helps to put a smile on my face.

Dee Dee